Diferente: i drink più esclusivi per gli astemi.

Emozione pura. Sapore unico. Zero alcol.

Diferente® is the exclusive alcohol-free alternative for social drinkers, offering the same glamorous experience as the most iconic products – to enjoy either straight-up, “on-the-rocks” or blended in cocktails – with no restrictions and no drawbacks. The products are opening up a world of possibilities, giving everyone a chance to enjoy all the flavor of a golden and bubbly cuvèe or a crisp, refreshing cocktail, with none of the alcohol and side effects. Ritual is almost as important as taste. Diferente matches the aim of offering non-drinkers a glass of something that looks and tastes the same as everyone else’s. Having a glass of Diferente Aromatic Sparkling Cuvèe or a colorful and tasty mocktail in your hand will ease the pressure from friends to “have a drink”, and give you something to sip at and enjoy without feeling left out.


Luxury Sparkling

€ 29,90 € 20,00

Ruby Red Infusion

€ 29,90 € 20,00